Thursday, November 07, 2002

I voted on Tuesday, much like many people around the country, I'm sure. I *bet*, however, that I had a stranger thing happen than most of ya'll... I received the ballot and the supplemental ballot to cover the addition of our new senatorial candidate, Walter Mondale, after Paul Wellstone's untimely demise. No problem at all with the supplemental ballot, so I fill out the supplemental ballot then go on to the big sheet of votes. Well, wouldn't ya know it, the first congressional seat up for bid had a name already marked! Granted, I was going to vote for that person anyway, but it seemed REALLY ODD that it was marked. Either this was someone else's vote or it was a "suggestion". Either way, it stunk. I walked over to the election "judges" and informed them that one of the circles was already filled in. They said, "What? How did that happen?" "I really don't know, you tell me." They threw out the card with nary a blink. Who knows how many times that scenario could have happened at that precinct? Was it a vote? Was it a clever way to stuff the ballot box? Just wrong. Wrong. Wrong.