Monday, August 19, 2002

Pads and tampons. If you're feeling squeamish already, continue down to the next post. :-) Just a wee complaint in this department. Stop freakin' changing the packaging and brand names. In the last few years I've had to spend more and more time perusing the plethora of catamenial products than, frankly, I have wanted to spend. Regular. Super. Super Plus. Ultra. Etc, etc. If they could just STOP the "progress" here, I might be able to figure it out what combination of products work best for me. There's nothing worse than having an urgent need for the things and going to the store and not being able to find the brand/style/size you're used to. If you can't locate it, you have to just guess...a potentially embarassing risk, ya know? Is the Kotex Maxi as maxed as the Always Maxi? Is the Playtex Super as super as the Kotex Super? One never knows until it's too late. ;-)
Again, in the same vein of products, during my recent perusuals, I've discovered a new and laughable discovery. Thong panty liners. They're shaped like a wedge....well, which is the way they need to be shaped for a thong, but come on... THONG LINERS? On 1/2 inch of fabric, is there that much concern that ya might have "moisture" hitting the thing? If there's an excess "moisture" problem, maybe ya ought to not be wearing the thong at that time? I know I'm not convinced that the liners would even stay put. We're only working with a little adhesive and 1/4 inch of paper products. I have a distinct feeling that the liner would quickly wad up in my bum. Is it just me?