Tuesday, July 09, 2002

A quick synopsis of my trip to Vegas...
--Squishy plane flight, but had the exit row, so LOTS of leg room. Yay!
--The Riviera gave my Thursday night room away even though I paid for it and fully expected to be able to check in at 7am on Friday. Bastards. They ended up giving us a dirty room...yeah, nothing like checking into a "used" room. Luckily there wasn't a party goin' on the night before.
--Went swimming with Daphne to kill time while the room was being fixed up. Swim, swam, swum. Met an amazingly creative guy from Seattle at the pool. Irregularly burned my shoulders, chest due to poor sun block application.
--Lunch at a local Chinese spot. Had to eat quickly....we were running late for the next stop....
--Attended a wedding at the Riviera Chapel. Wonderful rendition of "Ave Maria." So many tears were shed by the attendees. I thought it was a happy occasion?? :-) The bridal party looked lovely albeit a bit nervous/stressed out.
--Tried to sleep. No luck.
--Attended some of the BBWnetwork's Bash meet & greet...also known as "pat ourselves on the back for several hours and hand out way too many door prizes..."
--Met a longtime online friend from Utah and his travel companion.
--Went to lunch at the Flamingo. Great conversation. Great to finally meet him!
--Took a walk 'round the animal area of the Flamingo. African penguins! Turtles! and of course, Flamingos!
--Gambled with seed money from my Utah friend. Won quite a bit of money in the nickel slots. Divided up the winnings. It didn't' seem right to take it all since it was his initial investment.
--Dinner with the BBWnetwork folks. More self-congratulatory behavior and f*ing door prizes.
--Changed into fabulous duds and danced, danced, danced!
--Checked out of the Riviera.
--Had a fabulous lunch at the Bellagio with some of my pals from near and far.
--Gambled at the Bellagio. Won a $100 bet at Roulette. (There was 8 red picks in a row and one green pick...it was due for a black! Handed my keys to my friend from Utah while I was digging for more quarters to play a quarter game. (Remember this for later notes.) Friend from Utah headed home after a brief hug.
--Checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel. Freakin' fabulous hotel compared to the Riviera. Spectacular in every regard.
--Shared some ice cream with the amazing creative guy from Seattle. Sent him home with a hug outside the taxi.
--Hung out with my pals at one of the Mandalay Bay lounges. Gambled. Dinner and great chatter at the House of Blues. Gamble. Sleep.
--8am phone call from Utah friend. He has my keys. DOH! I completely forgot that I gave them to him and he didn't realize he still had 'em until he was home. Arrangements were made to send 'em overnight to my home.
--Lunch at some buffet. I don't care for buffets. NO MORE BUFFETS for me, thank you. :-)
--Off to MGM for some lions and gambling.
--Coffee with our friend from California and then goodbyes. I had to do a lot of goodbyes this weekend, it seems. :-)
--Shark Reef. Great aquarium! Lots of fun fishies. Both Daphne and I hesitated walking over the acrylic floor though. Seems fat girls don't trust 'em. :-)
--Time to fly home! Had a cranky guy in front of me. I asked him politely if he could refraid from putting his seat back as my knees were right up against the seat back already.. He barely grumbled something which I think was an "ok". A few minutes later he turns around and says, "Let's make a deal...you stop grinding your knees into my back and I'll not put my seat back." Grrr. As if I didn't already tell him that my knees were hitting the chair. He and his bitchy girlfriend just seemed tired.
--Arrive at home. *yawn* it was very early. Peter was kind enough to meet me at my apartment to let me in at such an early hour. Yay!
Now, remember where the keys were to be coming from Utah? Overnight? Well, I went down to the security desk of my building late that afternoon and checked to see if a FedEx package had been delivered. None such. Grrrrr. My Utah friend indicated that the online site said the package was delivered at 11:30am. Curious. I inquired about the address, and then *DOH* the mode of the package's transport. It wasn't sent FedEx, but rather Priority USMail. *ding ding* The package, with my keys (work, house and *mailbox* ) was sitting in my mailbox. How ironic to have my mailbox key in my mailbox. Just all too funny. :-)