Friday, June 28, 2002

I'm off to Las Vegas in a couple of hours. Don't miss me too much. :-) I'll be back soon with many a story, I'm sure. Be good!
I see two eggs now. Two little pigeons will grace my balcony soon. Should I be excited?? heheheh. Ah well, such is life in the mid-size city.
The new Dimensions is here...the new Dimensions is here! Lookie...I'm on the cover. YAY! Aside from the fact that I'm in the magazine, the other layouts and stories are very well done. I've read this magazine for several years and I think this edition has the highest quality photography and layout of any I've seen. Kudos to the editor/publisher! Well done!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Two Second Movie Reviews:
  • Windtalkers -- Good story idea, bad, bad execution. Poor Nicolas Cage. Just say no to anymore war films, Nick. D+
  • Minority Report-- Excellent, excellent. Sci Fi thriller that keeps you guessing and fascinated. Visually amazing too! Can't go wrong with this one! Good things to say 'bout every aspect. A
  • Insomnia-- A solid film albeit slightly forgettable. Good to see Robin Williams back in serious psycho mode.B+
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding-- A look at a woman's transformation from homely and insecure to confident and ready to take on the world...of course throw in the greek family and you've got a heartwarming overwhelmingly funny movie.B+
Two cooing pigeons on my balcony equal what? What do they equal? Well, they equal a laid egg in a flower pot. They've been hanging around for about two weeks sans egg...and well, now I feel like I can't disturb 'em 'cuz of the egg laying and all. Sure there are more than enough pigeons in the world, but I just can't shoo 'em now. Do you think they'll enjoy watching the fireworks with me next week?? That's the real question. How friendly will they be to my guests? Should I offer them a hot dog? So many questions, so few answers.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I've uploaded a funny, jiggly butt video to my Update notification group. I thought I'd save my hosting service a ton of bandwidth by hosting it over there. Heck, it's free! Yay! If you're interested, go here:

Monday, June 17, 2002

Two second movie reviews coming up: Windtalkers and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Bishops bar abusive priests from direct parishioner contact -- I'll admit I haven't really being paying very close of attention to this topic, but riddle me this...why is it even an issue? Shouldn't those who abuse children and others be put in jail and not just be banished from public contact? Am I missing some fundamental tidbit of info? Help me out here... The article states: "Bishops also must report all claims of sexual abuse of a minor to public authorities. Church leaders have acknowledged that prelates in many cases had failed to report such allegations to law enforcement." Umm...isn't failure to report akin to acceptance of this behavior? What about reporting abuse of an adult? Or of a mentally challenged adult? Ick.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

More photos! In a BIG Way hosted a dance on Saturday night. I was "in your face" with the camera all night long. I just love being annoying with the camera. ;-) Here are the results.
I lost my "virginity" on the Big Girl, Big Stuff Tour. See this page for details.

That's a detour page on the BG/BS Tour Minnesota Tour #2 site which is officially open today! Yay! Click here to start the tour.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Oh! One thing I neglected to post was that the Lucys are popping up all over the city now. I saw my first one last week...and then another..and another. It's a crabby chick convention in St. Paul! Wooohooo!
Much going on in my wee little life and haven't had a chance nor the energy to post 'bout it. I was on a whirlwind trip for the Big Girl, Big Stuff Tours this past weekend. I'm pretty sure we put on about 1200 miles this trip. Lots of big stuff. Lots of fun. Lots of stressful interpersonal moments. Lots of not feeling well. Yes, I had to have my cold kick in while only 1/3 in to the tour. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm still coughing a lot and scaring my co-workers, but hey, if ya can't do that, what fun is a cold?!?

The Big Girl, Big Stuff pictures should be up and viewable sometime this weekend. I'll post a little note on here when the pages are ready to go. 23 stops on this Tour...from Minnesota all the way up past Winnipeg, Manitoba. Good stuff.