Monday, May 27, 2002

I just returned from a whirlwind day of zoo hoppin', restaurant boppin', and fireworks watchin'. More fun than any human should have in one day. I'm pooped. The fireworks were held over Harriet Island which is directly south of downtown St. Paul, sponsored by an organization that I've never heard of... Melaleuca. Now, when I first heard the advertisements on the radio for this event, I don't believe they mentioned the name of the organization...rather all they mentioned was that this was the BIGGEST fireworks display that Minnesota has ever seen. Well, who can beat that?! Of course I wanted to see it. But then, the thoughts crossed my mind...Melaleuca...what kind of name is that? Biggest display of "fireworks". Hmmm...terrorist plot? Well, that's where my mind went anyway. What a great way to blow people up, I thought. Invite 'em to a "mysterious" Memorial fireworks display and then blow 'em up. Yes, it seems my mind has met paranoia head on. Paranoia in place, I went to the fireworks with Peter...did we go to Harriet Island? Hell no. I didn't wanna blow up. Instead, we went to the wee park near the state capitol grounds that overlooks downtown. A safe distance from a standard bomb. Probably not safe in event of a nuke, but what the hell. We arrived and had plenty of free parking. There were probably 100 other people there...not nearly the crowd that I saw at Harriet Island earlier that evening. So, there we sat on the moist ground watchin' the fireworks (nothing overly spectacular...just a long show) and there was complete silence in the crowd. An eery silence, quite frankly. Luckily someone with a blasting radio came by and played the simulcast music with the show. It didn't seem as creepy. Yay!
So, here I am, back at my computer...ready to finally check out this "mysterious" organization called Melaleuca. I go to the website referenced over there <<---. Now I'm just kind of creeped out in a different way. It's a "Wellness Company". Well, ummm...the site screams gently of brain control. Paranoid? Maybe, but darnit...take a peek. People on the site are much too...ummm...happy and cleansed. "Consumer Direct Marketing" is the key to keeping down costs. I'm SOOOO glad I didn't go down to Harriet Island. My guess is that they were going to do a fair deal of pitching their products. Much like an Amway type company does. Brainwashing through natural cleansing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaack. Gosh, do I sound cynical or what? :-) I hope you all had a good Memorial Day.