Wednesday, April 17, 2002

My Lucys are done. YAY! I'm sure most of you know of what I type, but trust me, I'm happy they're done!
I decided a few weeks ago to see if I could submit some designs for this year's Looking for Lucy sculptural extravaganza here in St. Paul. If you're familiar with my site, you know that I have, for the past two years, followed the whole St. Paul tribute to Charles Schultz by taking pics with all of the sculptures that were scattered around downtown. Well, this year, I wanted to see if I could do more! I've seen the caliber of work that's done on the statues...I think I could do it! Some of them are clearly professionally done, but others, clearly are done by hacks. It's all fun though, right? So, anyway, I called the Looking for Lucy hotline and waited and waited and waited for the information to be mailed to me. Luckily I called 'em back last week 'cuz the deadline is this coming Friday, April 19th. Long story short is that each artist is allowed to submit only three ideas for consideration. I have no guarantee that any of the submissions will be approved nor picked up by a sponsor, but heck, at least I'm trying, right? :-) Last night, I was up until 3am drawing on these little artist template buggers. ZzzzzZZZZ. The first is a abstract piece where the colors of Lucy, seen from a distance are, when looked at close up, comprised of three colors in a melange of freeform texture. The second is Lucy as the sculptural representation of Justice, painted semi-metallic copper with touches of patina. (The patina didn't show up very well.) The sword, scale and blindfold will be painted antiqued silver. The last is a combination of several happy things of childhood all wrapped up in a Pucci inspired print dress....bubble gum bubble, yo-yos, puddle jumping and clear vinyl rain coats. All good stuff. Here are the three scans from last night's drawing rampage. 1. Abstract 2. Justice 3. Childhood fun.