Monday, April 29, 2002

I should mention, I survived my trip to the Hipster's BBW Bash in Atlanta (Marietta), Georgia! 'twas a lot of fun. I'm sure there will be quite a few photos showing up from that little excursion. Some from the bash ...ummm...should be interesting. Get a couple of fat girls together and ya just never know what kind of mischief will show up on camera. Just wait until ya see the corsets! Wooohoo!. :-)

Also, I was able, with the help of the lovely Belinda and the gracious Scott (both Hipsters coordinators), to get some Big Girl, Big Stuff pics taken while I was down there. Those pics are already up and ready for viewing. Again, I should add: wooohooo! Here's the link if you're interested in seeing the three BG/BS stops in Marietta:

Just curious...can I see a show of hands of those of you who actually understood that the grand "he he" to the fat chick in the field photo of the week pic was about how crop circles are formed? I've received several emails and web board posts from people who think it *would have been* great to have said something about crop circles. Am I being TOO vague?? I'm starting to think that maybe a lot of my subtle references are going over the viewers' heads. Do I need to be more direct? I kind of thought there was humor in the vagueness of my presentation, but if the typical viewer "ain't gettin' it", then ummm... ummm... Help me out here... :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I'm off to Atlanta for a few days. With any luck Atlanta will be warmer and less windy than Los Angeles was last month and I'll actually be able to hit the pool. Woooohooo! I so want to go swimming in the sunshine!

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Just a few days ago, temps in the 90s. Today...a winter storm watch and heavy snow falling outside. Whaaaasup with this?? Calgon take me away!

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

My Lucys are done. YAY! I'm sure most of you know of what I type, but trust me, I'm happy they're done!
I decided a few weeks ago to see if I could submit some designs for this year's Looking for Lucy sculptural extravaganza here in St. Paul. If you're familiar with my site, you know that I have, for the past two years, followed the whole St. Paul tribute to Charles Schultz by taking pics with all of the sculptures that were scattered around downtown. Well, this year, I wanted to see if I could do more! I've seen the caliber of work that's done on the statues...I think I could do it! Some of them are clearly professionally done, but others, clearly are done by hacks. It's all fun though, right? So, anyway, I called the Looking for Lucy hotline and waited and waited and waited for the information to be mailed to me. Luckily I called 'em back last week 'cuz the deadline is this coming Friday, April 19th. Long story short is that each artist is allowed to submit only three ideas for consideration. I have no guarantee that any of the submissions will be approved nor picked up by a sponsor, but heck, at least I'm trying, right? :-) Last night, I was up until 3am drawing on these little artist template buggers. ZzzzzZZZZ. The first is a abstract piece where the colors of Lucy, seen from a distance are, when looked at close up, comprised of three colors in a melange of freeform texture. The second is Lucy as the sculptural representation of Justice, painted semi-metallic copper with touches of patina. (The patina didn't show up very well.) The sword, scale and blindfold will be painted antiqued silver. The last is a combination of several happy things of childhood all wrapped up in a Pucci inspired print dress....bubble gum bubble, yo-yos, puddle jumping and clear vinyl rain coats. All good stuff. Here are the three scans from last night's drawing rampage. 1. Abstract 2. Justice 3. Childhood fun.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

"Bubbles??!?! Sharon, I'm the Prince of Fucking Darkness!" -- Yes, just one of the lines from the MTV series, The Osbournes. I really had no preconceived idea as to who Ozzy Osbourne was, I mean, aside from the biting the head off the bat fiasco a gazillion years ago. Oh, I guess i know about the Ozzfest too, but if you were to hold me down until I came up with an Ozzy Osbourne song, we would have been there a while. That being said, I LOVE this series. It's a full addiction now, I think. I've not missed a show and when I was out to dinner last Tuesday night, I made a point of saying, "I have to be home by's very important (whisper)...the Osbournes are on." Luckily, my friend understood as she's heard many different folks praising it.

Anyway, this show is a hoot. It's reality based...meaning the Osbourne family has cameras in their house to record their statements, actions, arguments, etc. Very, very funny. I think it's especially funny because he is a famous guy...who is probably NOTHING like his onstage character. Talking to his daughter about going to the gynocologist was a hoot. The relationship between he and his wife Sharon gets me giggling at times too. Oh, and the family pet situation is funny too...Sharon, the wife, has a penchant for taking in wayward animals. Consequently, they have several dogs and several cats...which, in one episode, were seen poopin' and peeing all over the place, which pissed Ozzy off to no end. He told Sharon "No more!". We see a scene a few minutes later where she's telling one of the kids that she knows of another cat that needs a home. The kid says, "But dad said, 'no more.'" Sharon says, "He'll never notice." Which from what I can tell, he hasn't. The two siamese-y cats are quite different, but Ozzy has no clue. :-)

Check it out if you get a chance. It's all good. :-)

Four Two-Second Movie Reviews:
  • Kissing Jessica Stein -- A cute, fresh romantic comedy with a twist. One woman sick of the men she's met recently and feeling the need to be in a relationship, looks to the other "team" to see if they can complete her. Friendship, romantic love and sexuality are all explored in a real comedic sense. A-
  • High Crimes -- A careful, predictable yet well crafted made-for-tv-movie. Ashley Judd is a beautiful woman to watch, so it's not painful. ;-) B-
  • Changing Lanes -- An excellent morality play/social drama. It did, however, make me think of my job too many times. Boo. ;-) B
  • Frailty -- Creepy, evil, haunting, stressful, shocking and very well done. All that a suspense/horror film should be. A

Thursday, April 11, 2002

BBW Figurines! -- Love these! I ordered an entire set. I figure I'll give 'em as gifts and some away as door prizes at events. They're just toooo cute. :-)