Sunday, March 31, 2002

Two-Second movie reviews comin' up:
  • Panic Room -- I expected a lot from this movie...and got *most* of what I expected. It wasn't nearly as suspenseful as I would have hoped through 3/4ths of the movie, but it was tightly produced, visually interesting in it's camera work and excellently acted.B+
  • E.T. The ExtraTerrestrial The 20th Anniversary -- I'm sure most have seen this before, so I won't go into too much detail. It's a good movie, but really, 20 years later, it's just not that much of a compelling flick for me. B
  • Death to Smoochy -- Mean, silly and funny about the children's television productions, but again, not a compelling motion picture. Take it or leave it... see it as a matinee. Love Edward Norton as Smoochy. :-)B
  • Time Machine -- Some cool effects, but overall, very flat...uninteresting and over acted.C-
  • Shallow Hal -- I finally got a chance to see this "controversial" flick. I was out of town the weekend it came out and there were far too many other compelling movies to go to while it was in wide release. Cutting to the's not a *great* comedy, nor is it the hate filled monster that NAAFA and other fat acceptance groups/individuals want you to believe. Blindly condeming this film before it came out did nothing but a disservice to the fat community...and it helped to feed the belief that fat acceptance groups are nothing but whiney. *ahem* That being said, the movie does go over the top in it's portrayal of the fat lead character. No, her underwear wouldn't be that big. No, she wouldn't propel a child out of the pool when she jumped in, etc, etc. These are simply vehicles for comedic effect. Are they offensive? Nah, not really...they're EXAGGERATION. If you are in denial about your body effecting the world differently than you thinner counterparts, you will probably be offended. Truth be known, fat people DO effect the physical world differently than thin people. Accept that fact and LAUGH. OK?? Comedy often is often over the top to make a point. Well, gotta keep this to two seconds... it's an OK movie. If you see it with fat hating friends, then you'll probably see it as being a fat hating movie. If you see it alone or in the company of people who like or accept fat as just another way of being, you'll see it as a sweet, yet somewhat insulting movie. B-