Sunday, March 03, 2002

Three Two-Second Movie Reviews....comin' up:
  • Monster's Ball-- A very dark, harsh movie encompassing "hereditary" racism, death, grief, love and passion. Excellent performances by Halle Barry and Billy Bob Thornton. It's often uncomfortably dark at times, yet hopeful, if that makes any sense. A
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights-- Silly, stupid, raunchy...what more do you want in a film about a young man's abstinence and love? It made me laugh quite a bit, what more could I ask for from a romantic comedy?? B+
  • We Were Soldiers-- I think I've had my fill of war movies for a while, thank you. This one didn't sucker me in as much as Black Hawk Down on an emotional level, but I think it was just as "real" if not more so. There's a gruesome scene with napalm victim that really, really wasn't necessary. I think I'm putting it at the top of all time grossest movie scenes. Worse than what ya might see at, for instance. Ick. B