Tuesday, February 19, 2002

So, you're curious about where I work? Well, I can't really give that information away, but I can show you my department members: Click here. I know, you're all jealous now. :-) We were dressed up for our Mardi Gras parade. Leather was the fabric of the day. Tricycles were the mode of transport. Wheeee! Every few months my department hosts firm-wide events just to keep up morale. For instance, the past two Halloweens we've hosted a haunted house in our department. We sold tickets and donated the monies to charity. Always a hit.

This was the first time we've done Mardi Gras. I think for the faint of heart, Mardi Gras was decidedly more popular than Halloween although there were some striking similarities. Groups of people from our firm participated in a parade float contest where they had a radio flyer wagon to decorate. Of course for each float, there had to be fantastically decorated participants. We had the prom queen group, the zoo animals group and several others. The tricycles and wagons were donated to a local children's charity after the lunch hour event. Oooh...we also catered the thing with fabulous cajun-y and soulfood food from Dixie's. Ok, I know you're really jealous now. ;-)