Sunday, February 17, 2002

Lots of 2nd Movie Reviews!:
  • Count of Monte Cristo -- A wonderful retelling of the classic least it seemed to be pretty dead on from what I remember of the book. I was probably only 12 when I read it, so give me a break. If you haven't read the book, I think you'll still be pretty impressed with it. Action, betrayal, love, gorgeous cinematography and other good stuff. ;-)A-
  • Mothman Prophecies -- 'Twas a genuinely creepy movie for me, but only because it was supposed to be based upon true happenings. If it was a complete fabrication, it would be a lukewarm thriller/horror. B-
  • Iris -- I saw this last night, so it hasn't had a lot of time to sink in completely. First off, the performances were phenomenal...even the performance of Kate Winslet's boobs was wonderful too. :-) It's a fairly quick and overwhelmingly sad look at alzheimer's toll upon a brilliant mind, Iris Murdoch. Of course the main thrust, aside from the illness, is a frank reflection of Iris's life's loves. Pretty powerful stuff. A-
  • John Q -- Was this supposed to be a made for TV movie?? It was flat, silly and pretty insulting to the audience. Denzel pulled a decent performance out of a rotten script. D
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf -- There are so many levels to this film...I don't think I could tell ya the "genre" and be 100% dead on. I guess it's got a little bit of everything for everyone?! :-) Martial arts, humor, horror, suspense, murder mystery? It's got it all and does each pretty well. It's got subtitles for those of ya who don't know french, so if that's not your thang, wait until the DVD with dubbing comes out. A-