Sunday, February 03, 2002

I watched the tail end of the "Man Show" on television tonight. I've seen snippets of it before, and from what I understand, they have hot chicks dancing 'round in pretty much every show. Cool enough...lots of guys dig that. One thing caught my attention tonight. I noticed that at the end, the cheerleaders and other girls were bouncing on a trampoline. Up and down and doing splits, etc. What amazed me was that the chicks they had doing it didn't have enough flesh to make much point of the trampoline motion. Their breasts were small or implants and didn't have any "motion to the ocean" if ya get my drift. No bouncing up nor down other than with the body. No real thigh waves, nothing. Their hair flew and had lovely movement, but that's it. I then started to wonder if origination of the titilation with women on trampolines didn't start at some point with women who had enough flesh to actually "JIGGLE"? Dunno.