Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Well, since it is the new year, I suppose I'm somehow obligated to divulge my resolutions. Well, ok, not obligated, but I feel I should bare my soul to ya'll since so often ya see almost every other part of me. So, here it is...the big resolution of the year. *drumroll* I hope or endeavor to eat less salty foods. There I said it. Now, watch, tomorrow I'll be "chip hounding" again, but dammit, at least I have put the resolution on the table. Table salt? No, no...I don't ever salt foods at restaurants nor at home. It's all that evil hidden salt that's come to my attention. Go to Taco Bell, order a burrito and take home 79% of your daily sodium intake. That's the kind of salt I'm talkin' 'bout. I suppose the real resolution might be better stated as "I hope to make more home-cooked meals" rather than going to restaurants or fast foodie places. It'll save on salt as well as money! Time on the other hand...well, that's gonna be the catch, isn't it?