Sunday, January 20, 2002

Three Two-Minute Movie Reviews:
  • Ali -- An exciting man defeated on the screen by a boring movie. It was disappointing in it's depth. You won't learn any more about Ali's personal life that you don't already know. The boxing scenes were dull, dull, dull, and those were the highpoints. I did think that Will Smith did a decent job in the portrayal, however. C-
  • Gosford Park -- An uppity English period piece/murder mystery with a very real, down to earth personable comedic edge. I loved the performances as well as the characterizations of the common-staff and "upper crusties"...and of course the intercourse between them. (Double meaning inferred!!) I would love to see this one again. Good show! A
  • Black Hawk Down -- All the stress of war that you can handle as realistically portrayed as I can imagine. Gore, guns and guys....ya can't look away, but ya really want to. If you're at all squeamish about blood on the screen, don't see this movie. B+