Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The Vanilla Sky review was *supposed* to be posted this weekend, but due to some technical difficulties, it's here now. On a completely unrelated note, I want to share with ya a funny personal story. Well, at least I think it's funny. I particpated in the "Secret Santa" thing here at my work. Ya never know *what* you might get in one of these gift exchanges. It had been a few years since I particpated in one, so I didn't know how much things have changed! hehehe. The idea was to give several small gifts amounting to no more than $15 and the last gift was to arrive by Friday of last week. At that point, Secret Santas can reveal themselves to their gift recipient. Anyway, I received a few different things and while I was away last week, I received a large gift bag from my Santa. Turns out my Santa was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. Soooo....Wooohoo! I must have scored pretty well in the gift area, right? Well, not so quite. I know to some this may make me sound ungrateful, so please bear with me....the final gift was in a tattered gift bag (tears and old staples on it) and within that bag were three things...some Canadian tea, a bottle of Thai sauce and some Canadian maple cookies. (He's originally from Canada, can ya tell?) Anyway, that's a fine gift. Right? Well, it is until...well, until ya look at the expiration dates on the items. The cookies had no expiration date...I dunno if that's a Canadian thing or not. The tea expired a few months ago (ya gotta know that the tea is pretty old if it expired already.) Oh, and the Thai sauce...well, it expired a YEAR AGO last September. Yes, my Santa is frugal, in fact I'm sure that's why he was hired as the COO of the firm. Dunno, it just makes me laugh...either I get the feeling that he thinks I'm not paid well enough and should be grateful to have expired food from his larder or that I've got a penchant for collectible Canadian foods. heheheheh. I guess I should ask for a bigger raise.