Sunday, December 02, 2001

Two Two Second Movie Reviews. Woohooo!
  • Behind Enemy Lines -- It's got some creative visual points it's almost like watching a funky advertisement for the Navy. The plot line was ummm...ok, a bit on the thinly sliced side. I liked Owen Wilson in the lead...he brings a nice soft spoken war hero quality to the film. It was almost good...then bad...then almost good...then bad. Dropped escape sequences throughout. You had to ask yourself, "How did he get out of that situation?!?!" several times. It's not that I hated this movie, on the contrary, it was a decently entertaining few hours, it just wasn't crafted very well. C+
  • The Man Who Wasn't There -- Another Coen brothers movie. This one is a noir-y black and white thriller. They obviously studied light and shadow useage before shooting this film. The story line was captivating although similar in the vein of Fargo where a man's somewhat simple choice changes his life and the lives of others dramatically. Definitely worth a look! A-