Sunday, December 30, 2001

Less than 24 hours to go...then 2002! May you all find peace, happiness, and health in the coming year. Thanks for coming to my site and supporting this endeavor . :-)
So many new movies coming out lately. It's hard to keep up! Here are four Two Second Movie Reviews:
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring -- I was never a big fan of Dungeon and Dragons or that ilk. I don't really care much for the imagined creatures and learning of their ascribed "powers". That being said, I still can't hate this movie. It's just very well done. Gorgeous cinematography. Fabulous acting. Great music. Fantastic special effects. Gosh, if it was only a story about something other than the Lord of the Rings, it probably would have garnered an A from me, but because of the fantastic nature, it bored me at times. And yes, it did seem like it was three hours long. B+
  • A Beautiful Mind -- Brilliantly acted by Russell Crowe and the lead actress, Jennifer Connelly. They carry the show and do so quite gracefully. It's disturbing and yet extremely heart warming. Crowe is destined for the Best Actor Oscar. A
  • The Royal Tenenbaums -- Fun and quirky. This comedy is drenched in the pain of the family's history...which contrary to what it may ordinarily seem, makes it even more funny. Great performances by all all of the actors. A-
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch -- I finally caught this one on DVD. It came out earlier this year to the art house theatres. A view of Hedwig's life/career in a silly, over the top, blonde wig wearin', tender rockin' roll show on the big screen. This is another excellent example of how life's pain enriches a movie's comic threshold.B+

Friday, December 21, 2001

Darren B., if you're out there...thank you so much for your holiday gifts. I don't have an address (even email) to where I can send a thank you. I'm on a new computer...aaaack. Please email me. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The Vanilla Sky review was *supposed* to be posted this weekend, but due to some technical difficulties, it's here now. On a completely unrelated note, I want to share with ya a funny personal story. Well, at least I think it's funny. I particpated in the "Secret Santa" thing here at my work. Ya never know *what* you might get in one of these gift exchanges. It had been a few years since I particpated in one, so I didn't know how much things have changed! hehehe. The idea was to give several small gifts amounting to no more than $15 and the last gift was to arrive by Friday of last week. At that point, Secret Santas can reveal themselves to their gift recipient. Anyway, I received a few different things and while I was away last week, I received a large gift bag from my Santa. Turns out my Santa was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. Soooo....Wooohoo! I must have scored pretty well in the gift area, right? Well, not so quite. I know to some this may make me sound ungrateful, so please bear with me....the final gift was in a tattered gift bag (tears and old staples on it) and within that bag were three things...some Canadian tea, a bottle of Thai sauce and some Canadian maple cookies. (He's originally from Canada, can ya tell?) Anyway, that's a fine gift. Right? Well, it is until...well, until ya look at the expiration dates on the items. The cookies had no expiration date...I dunno if that's a Canadian thing or not. The tea expired a few months ago (ya gotta know that the tea is pretty old if it expired already.) Oh, and the Thai sauce...well, it expired a YEAR AGO last September. Yes, my Santa is frugal, in fact I'm sure that's why he was hired as the COO of the firm. Dunno, it just makes me laugh...either I get the feeling that he thinks I'm not paid well enough and should be grateful to have expired food from his larder or that I've got a penchant for collectible Canadian foods. heheheheh. I guess I should ask for a bigger raise.
Two Second Movie Review, comin' to ya from Memphis tonight:
  • Vanilla Sky -- A fascinating mind f*ck kind of movie. Is it a dream or reality or just lost synapses? What happened? It'll keep ya guessing during the film and you'll most likely carry some of the film home with you. Yes, again, for me, this film brought strange dreams and day time thoughts of what the movie really wanted to say...a sign of a purty good movie. Cruise was purty good too. B+

Friday, December 14, 2001

Two Second Movie Review: Ocean's 11 -- A pretty decent remake of the Rat Pack's classic. It's hip and fun, and hell, it's got George Clooney lookin' pretty hot....what more do ya want? And for those of you "into" Brad Pitt, he's not looking too bad either. :-) It's all about style, Baby...B+
I survived the worst flight of my flying life last night. It was sooooo freakin' turbulent. It was only a two hour flight to Memphis, but *urp*, at least half of it was a rock 'n' roll adventure. I've never gotten so close to hurling my pretzel sticks before. *urp* I was feeling the effects about two hours after the flight too. *urp* Now I know why there are barf bags available! :-) Bottom line, however, was that I survived! It was my first flight since the Sept 11 stuff. Visions of plane crashes danced in my head prior to departure as I'm sure it does for a lot of people these days. I did appreciate all of the extra security that was around. Even though I dont' think the random screenings are that effective, it was nice knowing that someone cared. ;-)

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Thanks to my anonymous benefactor who choose me to be his Holiday Hooligans "victim." Your secret is safe with me. :-) There's still plenty of time to send gifts to others (not me!!) through the Holiday Hooligans program. Start spreading cheer!!!
It's freakishly warm here today. 63 degrees on my way in to work. It's December 5th, mind you, where our usual high is 'round 25 or so... Hell hasn't frozen over, but have the glacier ice caps started melting yet? ;-)

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Two Two Second Movie Reviews. Woohooo!
  • Behind Enemy Lines -- It's got some creative visual points it's almost like watching a funky advertisement for the Navy. The plot line was ummm...ok, a bit on the thinly sliced side. I liked Owen Wilson in the lead...he brings a nice soft spoken war hero quality to the film. It was almost good...then bad...then almost good...then bad. Dropped escape sequences throughout. You had to ask yourself, "How did he get out of that situation?!?!" several times. It's not that I hated this movie, on the contrary, it was a decently entertaining few hours, it just wasn't crafted very well. C+
  • The Man Who Wasn't There -- Another Coen brothers movie. This one is a noir-y black and white thriller. They obviously studied light and shadow useage before shooting this film. The story line was captivating although similar in the vein of Fargo where a man's somewhat simple choice changes his life and the lives of others dramatically. Definitely worth a look! A-