Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Two movie reviews, coming up.
  • Mulholland Drive -- A titilating, dark, and fascinating movie. No, it didn't always make sense...even at the end, but what it did do was plant so many seeds of interest through gorgeous cinematography, deeply interesting plot vignettes and lost leads that made me continue to ponder the movie long into the following day. That's a pretty amazing feat! So many movies are quickly forgotten or not interesting enough to even garner a second thought. The intention was to be dreamy...snippets of fantasies peppered with dark realities. There are some fabulous lesbian scenes in this one. No, I'm not a lesbian, but damn, those were some great breasts! OH, the "simple audition" scene was pretty hot too. B
  • Monsters, Inc. -- What can I say? I looooved this movie. It's sweet. It's clever. It's masterfully crafted (ya gotta see the fur!). It's fantastically funny. If ya hate this movie, I'm gonna think less of you. ;-) If you don't have the urge to say, "Kitty." at the end of the movie, I'm gonna have to wonder what happened to the child in you. Don't be late to the flick either...there's a fun movie short at the beginning that's great too. A