Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Two Two Second Movie Reviews:
  • Jeepers Creepers -- It was a forgettable, kind-of-spooky movie full of lots of story holes and useless story filler. It started out spooky and a wee bit creepy, but fell flat on its behind. C-
  • "O" -- Powerful movie...it's based upon Shakespeare's Othello, so I guess there would be no doubt of it's nature. I was only vaguely familiar with the Othello storyline, so most of what took place was a shock. (I know, I ought to read more...). The movie started a bit slow, but by about an hour into it, I was hooked and then blasted with the resulting outcome. Yeah, I cried, so sue me. ;-) Home town boy, Josh Hartnett, as well as the rest of the cast acted their butts off. Bravo! A solid A.