Sunday, September 23, 2001

Two more Two-Second Movie Reviews:
  • Hearts in Atlantis -- A gorgeous slice of life or "coming of age" film, but it unfortunately lacks the strength to enthrall us about the young lives. The acting is superb, but there are far too many questions left unanswered. If you're a fan of the Stephen King book on which this movie is based, I've been told you'll be sorely disappointed...for the rest of us it's an enjoyable two hours. B
  • Startup.Com -- A documentary film about two high school buddies who, several years later, take a chance to start up a .com in the midst of the dot com feeding frenzy of IPOs and huge, charitable(?) donations from investment companies. It's fascinating to see how the two guys change during the short life of this project. They start out as naive young guys with seemingly very little knowledge of how to run a business but possess a lot of enthusiasm and end up as young guys with with the unfortunate knowlege of business failure and over stressed relationships. A-