Friday, September 21, 2001

Gads, I know I'm probably going to get some right wing millitant American breathing down my neck for this, but wasn't President Bush's address to Congress a little bit too much like a high-school pep rally? Yeah, I understand that the statement--lengthy-clapping-pause--cheer thing is standard for the state of the union addresses, but this isn't a time for that, in my eyes. It's not a time to cheer, even if we're saying we're gonna "get 'em no matter what". That just made me sick.
The look on Tony Blair's eyes during the longwinded clapping sessions made it look as if he agreed with me. He looked bewildered at all the clapping, especially when his country was proclaimed as a "good friend". (I don't know him well enough...maybe that's a typical look?) He tried to sit down long before they stopped clapping. I think that was a sign that they should have cut it a bit shorter?!

Anyway, the clapping became as annoying as a laugh track on a sitcom. Once you're aware of it, you can't help but be annoyed. It just seemed to eliminate the seriousness of the situation. I'm sure the attempt was two fold...try to rally the sinking stockmarket into believing that the Union is a happy, healthy one and also to help assure the simple minded folks out there that the world isn't coming to an end even though we haven't "nuked the hell" out of them yet. Ughhhh. Unfortunately, for those who seek substance over cheerleading, it didn't work.

Oh, and who was doing the cat calls at Mayor Giuliani? It was like he was a woman crossing a construction site. Way wrong. I have complete respect for the guy. He's an amazing leader. He didn't deserve cat calls, however.

Maybe David Letterman should have delivered the speech that Dubya gave? Did ya see Dave's opening speech on his Monday show? It was moving, powerful stuff delivered with intensity and warmth....far more than I knew he had inside him.

One last complaint...I was watching CBS's coverage of the Presidential address. Why, why, why did they open the coverage with overly productioned graphics and music with a voice over that made it sound like it was the start of a fabulous movie? I know it's ratings month, but c'mon, this is a Presidential address regarding potential war moves for godsakes. Boooo for CBS. I turned it to ABC to view the address in an appropriate manner.