Sunday, August 05, 2001

Stop the insanity! Message board after message board in the size acceptance world, there are protest calls over the movie "Shallow Hal". I don't think that anyone can protest any move without having seen what they're protesting about. A trailer is *rarely* what a movie's main message is. How many times have you been all excited to see a movie after seeing its trailer and then ya see the actual movie and it's NOTHING like you had expected? Sending protest letters and such before having *any* knowledge is highly reactionary and short sighted....a certain way to get the Hollywood industry to see that all fat people *are* nuts. Oh, and get a grip on yourself...some fat jokes are *actually* funny. I kinda liked the tilted canoe shot in the trailer. How many of us haven't gotten into a boat and caused a major list?? Being fat *is* different than being thin...the physical world *does* react differently to our girth. If you're not willing to accept that, then of course you're not going to find it funny...but also you're not able to see reality either. 'nuff said.