Saturday, August 18, 2001

I just received a catalog from Catherine's stores. You see, this is one of the reason's why I think their parent company buying the Lane Bryant chain of retail stores is a bad thing -- appliques. There were only 5 things in the entire catalog that weren't either 1. appliqued or 2. embroidered and three of the non-embroidered items were prints! I'm all for small touches of that, but come on...there's a sweater in the catalog that looks like Halloween blew up on her. *blech*. All I can figure is this -- that fat women like to have the extra embelishment to *hide behind* or that the buyers from Catherine's believes that fat women need to hide behind *something*.

Oh! Another thing. When looking for interview suits, there really is only one game in town with suits that I can fit. You guessed it....Catherine's. Unfortunately, their suits under the idea that extra beading and ribbon trim will get ya the job. Aaaaaaaaack. All of the suits are mother of the bride or church suits. Aaaaaaaaack. Listen...we have real jobs. Give us suits that are attractive, feminine, cut properly and WITHOUT THE FUCKING BEADS AND SEQUINS.

*ahem* As you were. :-)