Sunday, August 19, 2001

Here they are...what you've been waiting for... The Two Second Movie Reviews! Yay! --

  • Planet of the Apes -- Not a fabulous movie, but not a complete stinker either. Some of the ape costumes were believable, others were just comical (maybe intentionally so?). I liked the way they moved about and were able to jump much like real apes. What was the dealio with the blonde woman's character? The angry/jealous looks and no basis to have 'em. I got the distinct feeling that a romantic storyline was cut from the film yet the actress was contracted to be in the film, so they left in the confusing remains as some added cheesecake. Really no purpose for her other than cleavage. The story line was fairly predictable, but there was a nice surprise at the end. C+
  • The Others -- Love this movie. It was simple yet very suspense filled. Nicole Kidman was fabulous...and the kids seemed like real kids, not the prepackaged Hollywood kids here, no sir. The movie convinces you of one possible explaination then dispells that idea at the next turn. Good fun thriller/horror and no gore. A-
  • American Pie 2 -- Pretty much as I expected...funny, sometimes gross, and a wee bit heart-warming. Not as good as the first, but I'll bet they make a #3. B+
  • Captain Corelli's Mandolin -- Great storyline ...I should have been crying my eyes out if the movie was more emotionally connected. Unfortunately, It was a gorgeous movie without the emotional stuffing. Oh, and the sound seemed poorly mixed, although that could have been the theatre's fault. Also, I looove Nicolas Cage, but his Italian accent was nothing but a distraction. B