Monday, August 20, 2001

Ever have one of those moments where a tidbit of "fact" or statistic passed onto you by your parents several years ago suddenly makes you go "duh...". Well, I had one of those the other day. My dad told me many moons ago (10+ years ago) that he read that the majority of speeding tickets are given to those traveling in the left hand lane. I didn't question it and always was very aware that my speeding in the left lane was potentially dangerous...when ya can, speed in the right hand lanes. Then and epiphany! Well, duh, the left hand lane is *supposed* to be the faster lane. It's the passing lane. It's the lane in several states that is reserved for "faster moving traffic". Duh. Duh. Duh. It's not the lane that causes speeding tickets. It's the excess speed that causes speeding tickets. Well, actually, police officers cause speeding tickets, but that's another story.