Sunday, July 22, 2001

This afternoon...I got it...I got the "Notice of Status and Amount of Immediate Tax Relief". It's the 21st of July and I get this notice..or is it an advertisement for the Bush administration? The first sentence makes sure to mention that GWB signed the act into law. BFD. This is a WASTE of paper. A WASTE of money. A WASTE of manpower. Why send out this freakin' letter aside from the fact that GWB wants to gain a few popular opinion points prior to the checks hitting the street. The ridiculous part of my letter is that my check is supposed to come this week. Wooohoo. I wonder if my employer is going to learn from this? Sure, they could send me a notice on Wednesday that I'm going to get a check on Friday, rain or would make almost as much sense. Bah.