Thursday, July 19, 2001

If you're an AOL web-mail user, take note...your security may be compromised. I use it fairly extensively so that I don't have to sign on to AOL while writing email. Anyway, the other day while checking my email, I wrote a message to someone, clicked "send" and at that point *normally* a message pops up indicating that the email was sent. Well, this particular day last week, instead of the you've sent mail message, I had another inbox pop up on my screen. Yes, someone else's email box was in my face. Someone from AOL Brasil had his email privacy compromised by me. Good thing I don't know Portugese. :-) I could even open, delete and send emails from his inbox. (Yes, I tested it to see how serious of a security breach this was.) Here's the view of this guy's inbox that I received.

Being the dutiful techie, after hunting for about an hour for an appropriate email address to which I could send a complaint, I sent off a message simply describing the issue. I sent it twice...and guess what? I got two form letters that said, and I quote, "It is always a great pleasure to assist you regarding any issues you may have. From what I understand on your recent e-mail, you have a comment regarding the security in the AOL Mail on the web. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Your opinion makes a difference." heheheh. As if my feelings were somehow at issue...or that it was an opinion?!?! Arrrrgh. I wrote back a message and attached the file I linked above and thanked them for their "touchy feely" response, but that there was a serious issue at hand that NEEDED to be escalated to someone who knew something beyond customer service.