Tuesday, June 12, 2001

I mentioned the Big Girl, Big Stuff Tour below, but I don't think I've mentioned it here in the Blog before. It's a project that my friend Kim and I dreamed up. We are going to try to get photographs of large roadside attractions such as the muffler men or the ball of twine with big girls aka fat chicks. The eventual idea is a website with tour photos of the groups of the fat chicks with the large attractions. Campy. Fun. Silly. Yes, all of those. :-) Here's a preview picture from the tour that took place June 1-3.

The first tour was a huge success and good fun. We (Michelle, Claudia, Kim and I) made the nearly 1,000 mile trek viewing and photographing over 30 roadside attractions throughout the northern half of Minnesota. We plan on hitting the rest of Northern MN later this summer and hopefully Wisconsin in the early Fall. The website will also solicit photos of other fat chicks and their roadside attractions. I know that the upper midwest as well as the rest of the country (maybe the world?!) is FULL of these hideous yet wonderous things. Here's a link to help you find attractions in your area. The list isn't inclusive of everything...we found many not even mentioned: World's Largest Roadside Attractions Also see: Roadside America. Again, you can't beat the campy nature of this stuff. All good fun!