Sunday, May 13, 2001

Well, it happened. My first letter from an incarcerated man. Yes, "Tim" has written to me from his cell pleading to know more about me. He saw me in the Pioneer Press article and just *had to* write. I'm betting that Tim writes a lot of women from the newspapers. What better way to find out about chicks and their last names?!? Anyway, the funniest thing about the letter? He wrote, and I quote, "I read the story about you in the St. Paul Pioneer Presss about a month ago but haven't had time to write to you, until now, although I've been thinking about you ever since that day." Yes, an incarcerated man who has nothing BUT time on his hands didn't have time to shoot of a letter even though he had been thinking about me every day since. hehehe. Gotta love that. He claims to be a changed man and he lets me know that he isn't in prison for a sex-offense. As if a sex-offense is the WORST thing that you can be jailed for. Gads. He's probably just killed 10 people. That's all. No worries about rape however.