Sunday, May 27, 2001

Two two second movie reviews to start off the Summer movie season:
  • Pearl Harbor --- I had really high expectations for this movie. I loved the trailers that they had in the theaters for months. Emotional, romantic and historical looking. Well, I was disappointed. The quality of the art direction is high, so it's a "pretty" film, but it's lacking in character development and there is far too much "cheese" in the movie. I couldn't help but laugh at Captain Cheese, Alec Baldwin himeself. His delivery of the overly staged lines was ridiculous. The love story was painfully predictable. The actual attack scenes were decent. The post-attack hospital scenes were much too "artified"...blurry vision, lack of color, etc. There wasn't a focal point with who had the bad just kicked in every so often to shield us from the true gore (gotta keep that pg-13 rating, don'tcha know?). Anyway, it fell flat. Flat. Flat. Pretty, decent story, but really, you felt the flatness for THREEEEEEE LOOOOOONG HOURS. I think they tried to cover too much ground and din't have a clear vision...hence a long movie with a dulled vision. B-
  • Memento-- A brilliant film that is completely staged backwards. It starts with a murder...and then you find out what happened prior to the killing. The main character has a short term memory problem and he photographs key elements of his life with a polaroid so that he's not completely lost in the world. Does it work? Absolutely one you should not miss this summer. Catch it when you can...I have a feeling it will be buried by the blockbusters that are overly advertised. Don't discount this one just 'cuz it doesn't have a huge advertising budget! A