Sunday, May 13, 2001

Two two second movie reviews:
  • A Knight's Tale -- I really enjoyed this film. I liked the use of classic rock music peppered throughout, but especially the "We Will Rock You" tune used at the beginning. The actors were fabulous and adorable (can't beat that!). I especially enjoyed the portrayal of Geoffrey Chaucer. He played the role with lots of rock n' roll flair. (The costuming didn't hurt either!) It wasn't a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination, but it was enjoyable. Can't say that about many movies these days. A-
  • The Mummy Returns-- Boring. Boring. Contrived. Boring. Some especially BAD special effects. This one should have skipped straight to video. I didn't care for the first one, but in comparison, the first Mummy movie looks like an academy award winner. D