Sunday, April 08, 2001

While I was at the movie on Friday, a guy two down from me got a cell phone call about 5 minutes into the movie. Not a big deal. I hear beeps and rings from time to time. Well, this time, the idiot took the call. Not only did he just answer went into a full conversation with the person on the other line. Annoying as hell. Anyway, a guy in the row behind us tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, "Hey, turn your phone off." Well, Mr. Rudedog jumps up out of his seat and starts screaming (yes, screaming) "Yo, man, don't you touch me. Fucking asshole. Don't you fucking touch me.." etc, etc. A real class act. Of course I think the audience, me included all thought that the altercation was going to turn physical. Someone from a few rows up ran out the door and got the rent-a-cop. Rudedog's girlfriend kept saying "Come here, come here and sit down." Rudedog didn't respond to her he just kept screaming at the other guy. Anyway, Mr. Rudedog went out the door and the altercation was pretty much over. He did end up coming back, but only after a few kind words from the policeman. So, what happens at the end of the movie when everyone was walking out? We talked about the idiot...and not the movie. Yes, it doesn't bode well for this film, which was pretty bad. "Along came a Spider." was the flick. I'll do my full 2 second review at a later date.