Monday, April 16, 2001

Three two second movie reviews. Are ya ready? Can ya stand the anticipation?!
  • Bridget Jones's Diary -- Absolutely LOVE this movie. It's great for women and men. Full of fun laughs and some serious thoughts about relationships and self acceptance. Go, go see it now! A
  • Blow -- I love Johnny Depp. He can do no wrong...well, except wear long pubic hair-like side burns. hehehe. The movie isn't phenomenal, but it's a pretty good flick about a guy (played by Depp) and how his life goes from bad to worse during the course of his life. The poor guy makes some stupid decisions just trying to do his version of the right thing...of course it always backfires. On a fat positive note, near the beginning of the movie, Depp's best friend is portrayed by a BIG guy. Ya know what? Not one joke about his weight. Amazing. B+
  • Along Came a Spider -- Love Morgan Freeman...he can almost do no wrong too. Of course he's not as cutie patootie as Johnny Depp, in my humble opinion, but he's a wonderful actor. I thought this movie was pretty lame. I hated the female lead played by Monica Potter. She was the antithesis of the Clarice character from "Hannibal". Of course that was supposed to be part of the mystery of the film, but trust me, she was lamer than lame. If you see this film, she has the exact same voice as Julia Roberts. Really! The concept of the "experienced cop" taking the "no-nothing idiot" under their wing has been done TOO often in recent years. And, I just didn't buy the Freeman character doing it in this just seemed WAY to contrived. Since that was a LOT of the time spent in this otherwise OK movie, I'm giving it a C
See ya at the movies and save me a big butt seat!