Monday, April 30, 2001

I've tried blogging a few times in the past couple weeks, but with poor results (obviously!?!). It's been a busy couple of weeks. I just returned from the Chicago BBW bash held in Elgin, Illinois. 'twas a fun time with friends old and new. I'll attempt to blog or post on the site more about that later. If I forget, please remind me to tell ya'll about the heavy shoes in the women's bathroom. :-) My friend Ronda took some fun pool photos for future pictures of the week. Yay! I was in need of some new ones.

Last week after the photo shoot, I held the first In a BIG Way dance in about two years and with great success. 67 people came out to boogie with us. Yay! By and large people seemed pleased with the Moon & Stars dance. I hope to be having another dance in July and again in September. Fun stuff. Watch the IABW site for details about those events. More later. I apologize for the silence.