Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Ok, time for some catch up on some Two Second movie reviews. I'm not even sure that they're all still in the theaters. Maybe it's just better that way. ;-)
  • Hannibal -- I'm sure most would agree...this was no Silence of the Lambs. I loooved Silence of the Lambs. This one, well, not so much. It wasn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination. I think the unsettling part of the movie aside from the brain scene was Hannibal being a sympathetic character. It was unsettling, but also one of the reasons that made me enjoy the movie...that uncomfortable feeling of being manipulated into appreciating a gruesome person. Not many films are able to do that successfully. This one did a purty good job of it. B
  • Monkeybone -- I'm just not a huge Brendan Fraiser fan. I think he does a fair job in his roles, but rarely do I believe his portrayals as anything beyond superficial facial manipulations. Anyway, this flick wasn't a complete bomb...just a partial one. The film seemed disjointed as if there was a major directorial switch or the film company ran out of money half way through. The special effects ranged from fantastic to lame-o high school film work. For the FAs in the audience, there's a monkeybone cartoon at the beginning where a little boy gets turned on in a class by watching his teacher's flabby upper arms. In class erections are never a good thing from what I hear. :-) C+
  • 15 Minutes -- One of the local movie reviewers in town gave this film 0 stars. Of course when a review comes out like that before I see a flick, I figure I'm in for a boring night. I didn't find that to be the case with this movie. I actually thought it was a pretty finely executed movie. The characterizations were believeable. The stress of corruption by money and fame was feeling pretty strong...and to me that was an important element that made my two hours well worth the price of admission. I give it a solid B
  • The Mexican -- A solid enjoyable film. Performances were all well done. B+