Friday, February 23, 2001

On Highway 94 between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St Paul, there are several traffic alert signs hanging on the sides of overpasses. The signs say nothing unless there is something that the drivers need to be made aware. For instance, yesterday morning the sign read "Crash at Cretin-Vandalia. Left lane closed." That sign was probably 2 miles before Cretin-Vandalia...plenty of time for people to make smart traffic decisions, right? Unfortunately, there's a problem with the "smart" decision making. A great many people moved over into on of the non-left lanes. There are 4 lanes at some points, so there was plenty of room for everyone. Of course then there were the numbnuts who read the sign as "Crash at Cretin-Vandalia. Left lane open for about 2 miles for those who wish to 'get ahead'" Any one who understands traffic patterning knows that there will always be idiots on the road who use the pavement as their sole method of getting ahead in life. By doing so, unfortunately, they often are the root cause to the slow down at the crash site. They're the ones who have to stop suddenly at the road's end and then try to squeeze into the other lanes thereby slowing down traffic for *everyone*. If they followed the sign advice when given and moved into an alternate lane, traffic would not have been delayed 15 minutes as we tried to squeeze the numbskulls into the other lanes. The flow of traffic would have been heavier and potentially slower, but there wouldn't have been the idiotic bottleneck at the crash scene. Ahem. I guess it doesn't surprise me that such behavior exists on the road as thoughtless and selfish acts are not only viewable from behind the wheel. We see 'em everyday.