Tuesday, February 06, 2001

I was contacted the other day by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. They were doing research for a story arising from a report from the Minnesota Attorney general which stated that fat children were much more likely to be victims of violence in schools than their thin counter parts. I know you're all surprised right now, right?! Anyway, the reporter happened upon my Fat Kid site and also the In a BIG Way site. He contacted me for a phone interview and I obliged. Every time I've ever been interviewed by the press I feel like an idiot. Maybe it's the pressure of the situation and I am an idiot or maybe it's that I'm too hard on myself? Not sure. Maybe the main problem is that I can't give blanket statement answers without giving 15 other reasons why the blanket statement doesn't apply to everyone? There is so much grey in the world and when we discuss human behavior, there's even more grey. "Why do some educators condone taunts and teases? Why do kids tease other children?" I don't know why they do it...and then I give 20 different personality profiles.... all or none of which may or may not fit. Ya know? For every individual, there's a different reason why they do the things they do. Maybe that's the problem why I felt like an idiot in the interview. I really cannot answer why others behave the way they do. I can only account for my own actions and reactions. The reporter did ask me a couple of questions to which I had to say, "I don't know, I can't comment on that...you should probably talk to _____" Anyway, I'll let ya know when and if I appear in the story.