Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Fall from bed caused death at 'U' It's a sad story about a kid, 19, who died in a college dorm at the U. In a media frenzy immediately after this kid's death, there were special reports about "alcohol use at colleges" and survey results about alcohol usage all over the local media. Yes, kids drink in college, we all know that. It's not a surprise to anyone. Why over report on it after a kid dies in a dorm after a drinking party? What about all of the kids who die in drunk driving accidents? Should there be lots of media play about kids drinking in their parents homes and what could possibly be done about it? That story could run every night, I'm sure, and still be topical.

I wonder now, if after the autopsy is realeased whether or not the television stations will be running stories about how bunk beds or "lofts" are dangerous in college dorms?? Should bunk beds be banned?? No, they won't do a story like that. It's simply not sensationalistic enough. Bah.