Thursday, February 01, 2001

Do you use AOL to browse the internet? You might not be seeing the internet as it was meant to be. AOL's set up default for graphics is to download as "compressed" images. Because of that things will needlessly look more blurry than they should. What to do? Here's a quick step by step to change it. This is from AOL 5.0, so those in lower or higher versions, the steps might be different. Go to the "MY AOL" button near the top of your screen. Click on it. Select the "Preferences" menu option. When that dialog box appears, select the "WWW" option. Once in there, select the "Web Graphics" tab. De-select the "Use compressed graphics" box. Your world will suddenly be clearer!

On another AOL note, I've noticed that the Photo Selection of the Week is always delayed. They're caching last week's photo for about 24 hours or so. This week's picture is me with penguins. :-) If for some reason you find that the same photo as last week appears and you want to see the newest version, you can swap out the "" with "" or "" or ""...they all point to this domain and caching isn't the same on all of those domain names. It's probably because those names get a lot less traffic than Such is life. I'm sure AOL is trying to save some server bandwidth.