Friday, February 23, 2001

On Highway 94 between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St Paul, there are several traffic alert signs hanging on the sides of overpasses. The signs say nothing unless there is something that the drivers need to be made aware. For instance, yesterday morning the sign read "Crash at Cretin-Vandalia. Left lane closed." That sign was probably 2 miles before Cretin-Vandalia...plenty of time for people to make smart traffic decisions, right? Unfortunately, there's a problem with the "smart" decision making. A great many people moved over into on of the non-left lanes. There are 4 lanes at some points, so there was plenty of room for everyone. Of course then there were the numbnuts who read the sign as "Crash at Cretin-Vandalia. Left lane open for about 2 miles for those who wish to 'get ahead'" Any one who understands traffic patterning knows that there will always be idiots on the road who use the pavement as their sole method of getting ahead in life. By doing so, unfortunately, they often are the root cause to the slow down at the crash site. They're the ones who have to stop suddenly at the road's end and then try to squeeze into the other lanes thereby slowing down traffic for *everyone*. If they followed the sign advice when given and moved into an alternate lane, traffic would not have been delayed 15 minutes as we tried to squeeze the numbskulls into the other lanes. The flow of traffic would have been heavier and potentially slower, but there wouldn't have been the idiotic bottleneck at the crash scene. Ahem. I guess it doesn't surprise me that such behavior exists on the road as thoughtless and selfish acts are not only viewable from behind the wheel. We see 'em everyday.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Children's sunglasses can release potentially lethal substance What numbnut at Barbie/Mattel thought this was a good idea?? Petroleum distillates in a child's toy. Yum!

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Daily Radar Peepshow - Daily Confusing Yet Somehow Sexy 'Woman' -- Ya know, I don't think I ever shared this with anyone online. Peter found this when he went to one of his regular web stops a little over a year ago. And, hey, it's still accessible. I remember when he showed me...he was worried I was going to be upset that they used a picture of mine in that manner. Nah. I was kind of flattered. Kind of. hehehe.
Fall from bed caused death at 'U' It's a sad story about a kid, 19, who died in a college dorm at the U. In a media frenzy immediately after this kid's death, there were special reports about "alcohol use at colleges" and survey results about alcohol usage all over the local media. Yes, kids drink in college, we all know that. It's not a surprise to anyone. Why over report on it after a kid dies in a dorm after a drinking party? What about all of the kids who die in drunk driving accidents? Should there be lots of media play about kids drinking in their parents homes and what could possibly be done about it? That story could run every night, I'm sure, and still be topical.

I wonder now, if after the autopsy is realeased whether or not the television stations will be running stories about how bunk beds or "lofts" are dangerous in college dorms?? Should bunk beds be banned?? No, they won't do a story like that. It's simply not sensationalistic enough. Bah.

Monday, February 12, 2001

For those of you who have seen the movie Hannibal, my joke as follows, will make sense:

Why did Hannibal know to use Rubbermaid brand storage containers?

He knows a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Geez, I should be in comedy writing. Anyone got a gig for me? ;-)

Thursday, February 08, 2001

Well, I was briefly interviewed again by the Pioneer Press. Apparently I didn't sound *too* stupid last time. :-) This time the interview was regarding the In a BIG Way, Out and About Section for a section of the paper called "The Skinny". It's called the skinny because of the column width of the paper. :-) A fat story in the Skinny column! :This one should run sooner than the "Fat Kid" story as the reporter, Richard Chin, is still investigating an angle on that feature. Again, I'll let ya know when to look for it. :-)

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

I was contacted the other day by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. They were doing research for a story arising from a report from the Minnesota Attorney general which stated that fat children were much more likely to be victims of violence in schools than their thin counter parts. I know you're all surprised right now, right?! Anyway, the reporter happened upon my Fat Kid site and also the In a BIG Way site. He contacted me for a phone interview and I obliged. Every time I've ever been interviewed by the press I feel like an idiot. Maybe it's the pressure of the situation and I am an idiot or maybe it's that I'm too hard on myself? Not sure. Maybe the main problem is that I can't give blanket statement answers without giving 15 other reasons why the blanket statement doesn't apply to everyone? There is so much grey in the world and when we discuss human behavior, there's even more grey. "Why do some educators condone taunts and teases? Why do kids tease other children?" I don't know why they do it...and then I give 20 different personality profiles.... all or none of which may or may not fit. Ya know? For every individual, there's a different reason why they do the things they do. Maybe that's the problem why I felt like an idiot in the interview. I really cannot answer why others behave the way they do. I can only account for my own actions and reactions. The reporter did ask me a couple of questions to which I had to say, "I don't know, I can't comment on should probably talk to _____" Anyway, I'll let ya know when and if I appear in the story.
It was a slow movie weekend. I saw one's the two second review:
  • Sugar and Spice -- I know...I wasn't expecting much. I wanted to see a lighthearted film on Sunday afternoon...nothing too harsh, nothing too violent, nothing too thought provoking. I just wanted happy, silly or funny. It's not a bad film but it's certainly not good either. Just so-so. There were a few funny lines combined with the "Betty" doll masks which made it worth my matinee entrance fee. C+
I've been having horrible reliability with my internet connection lately. I don't know if has anything to do with the PPP from bridging switch or what. It sucks rocks, that's all. Thanks for letting me whine. :-)

Thursday, February 01, 2001

On a similar but non-AOL note, make sure that you have your computer set up to see true colors. I can't tell you the number of times I've received emails from people complimenting me about attire and they tell me the color is red or blue when I wasn't wearing that color. Why do they see things so differently? If you right click on your desktop (this is for PCs...I don't know how one would change it in a Mac), and then go to "Properties", and then select the "Settings" tab, you will see the options for your PC & monitor viewing options. The options will be different depending upon the video memory, the monitor, etc, but you should set up your computer to *at least* see "True Color" or "High Color" and the monitor screen area to be at least 800x600 . Obviously the latter will depend upon how BIG you want to see things. Some people have difficulty seeing and need the lower setting. If you were previously viewing the web through 256 colors, you'll be AMAZED at how gorgeous everything looks when set to "True Color". You'll probably wonder how you could have lived with the previous setting all this time. :-) If ya need some assistance with this or the AOL fix below, drop me a line. I'd be happy to help.
Do you use AOL to browse the internet? You might not be seeing the internet as it was meant to be. AOL's set up default for graphics is to download as "compressed" images. Because of that things will needlessly look more blurry than they should. What to do? Here's a quick step by step to change it. This is from AOL 5.0, so those in lower or higher versions, the steps might be different. Go to the "MY AOL" button near the top of your screen. Click on it. Select the "Preferences" menu option. When that dialog box appears, select the "WWW" option. Once in there, select the "Web Graphics" tab. De-select the "Use compressed graphics" box. Your world will suddenly be clearer!

On another AOL note, I've noticed that the Photo Selection of the Week is always delayed. They're caching last week's photo for about 24 hours or so. This week's picture is me with penguins. :-) If for some reason you find that the same photo as last week appears and you want to see the newest version, you can swap out the "" with "" or "" or ""...they all point to this domain and caching isn't the same on all of those domain names. It's probably because those names get a lot less traffic than Such is life. I'm sure AOL is trying to save some server bandwidth.