Monday, January 08, 2001

I'm way behind in my two second movie reviews. Let's see if I can remember all of 'em. It's been a busy holiday movie season, don'tcha know?
  • What Women Want -- I wasn't expecting a lot from this movie. The trailers made it look cute, and it was. Mel Gibson was perfectly cast in this light hearted flick. Not a lot of substance, but who needs substance all the time? Sometimes a fluffy movie is great on a Sunday afternoon. B
  • Cast Away -- Certainly the kudos for this film will have to go to Tom Hanks. He really does carry the film. Of course without him, the time on the island would be just a ball named Wilson. The floating around in the ocean sequence near the beginning of the film was fabulous in making one feel the vastness of the ocean. There was a keen predictability to the film where you *knew* that items were being highlighted so that they had more meaning at a later point in the film. This object foreshadowing was a wee bit too heavily done, but I still liked it. The ending is pretty anti-climactic and probably far more realistically portrayed than the typical survivor type movies. This one is definitely worth seeing despite my minor whines. A-
  • Miss Congeniality-- Another one of the "cute" holiday season movies. Not a lot of surprises in this one...the acting was mediocre, the script was mediocre, but the overall piece was pleasant. B-
  • Finding Forrester -- This is a solidly good movie. The script was interesting, the acting was good (excellent in the case of the guy who plays the lead teen!) and the pace was decent. Some may find the pace of the film a bit slow, but for me it was a gentle unraveling of the multi-level plot tones -- generations, cultures, interests, and lifestyles all clash at some point in this film. A-
  • Traffic -- Wow. Great movie. It was stressful, dark, thought provoking and depressing...yet enjoyable. My one complaint would be about the use of colored filters to let us know which location was being filter in Ohio, yellow in Mexico, etc. Yeah, we got it already. It was a tad bit annoying after a while. One of the actors, Benicio Del Toro always causes me to pause. I look at him and say "". He's got such an interesting odd mix of Brad Pitt and John Wayne and somebody else I can't put my finger on. Anyway, the film itself is excellent...thought provoking, compelling, sad and gritty. A
  • Chocolat -- Everybody loves chocolate, well, that is unless you're in a conservative French village during the lent season. Well, of course a wandering chocolatier played by Juliette Binoche happens to set up a chocolate shop in this little village. Chocolate is the devil's candy, don'tcha know? I'm sure you can figure out that some of the townspeople want her out and others find that she and her chocolate are an asset to the community. There's more to the story, but I'll let ya figure that out on your own. The film is gorgeous. That is thanks in part to Juliette Binoche...quite possibly one of the most alluring, timeless actresses around. Yeah, I want to be her when I grow up. Until then, I want her wardrobe. If you take a peek at the Chocolat movie site, and you head toward "The Process" you'll see the designs that Ms. Binoche wore including the captivating portrait collar red dress. It looks much prettier in the film than in the drawing...believe me. Chocolat is definitely a chick flick, but it's so wonderfully crafted that I'd bet most men would enjoy it too. No complaints except that Johnny Depp, a gorgeous creature in his own right, sports a poorly shaved chin which ruins his otherwise *hubba-hubba* face. A-