Tuesday, December 12, 2000

I have my list of Holiday Hooligans complete. Some of the orders have already been sent. Yay! Here are my "victims" and what they received. Happy Holidays to each and everyone of them...oh and to you too! I hope you consider joining me in this Holiday Hooligan effort. See my photo of the week for details.
  • Gee Gee Vanvig-Reiter of Howard Beach, New York received a Teletubbies Collectible figures 4 pack. I think Gee Gee was ordering for her kids.
  • Joan Kiley of Waltham, Massachusetts received a Arc Angels audio cassette. One of my search terms was "Joan". Just try to keep up with the Joan'ses. hehehe.
  • Marlene Allen of Girard, Ohio received the Baby!Talk! book. I think, I could be wrong, I think that Marlene was ordering books for her grand children, of which she has two. I picked Marlene from a search on "Marlenes". She just happens to be married to Ernie. Yes, this coincidence was too great...my mom was Marlene and my dad is Ernie. Go figure. How could I pass her up??
  • Stacy Lear of Vienna, Virginia is getting the book entitled, "Harold and the Purple Crayon". I couldn't pass up a book like that. I can't recall how Stacy's list came up in my search criteria. It must be a nickname that she has that I hit upon. Oh, now I remember. It was Kit. A pseudonym apparently. She's got a web site like me! Well, not like mine, but a vanity site to be sure. :-) http://www.forevervain.com/ -- I kid you not. :-) She actually is a lovely woman with a healthy sense of self.
  • Joan Wendland (yes, another of the joanses) of Sterling, VA received a novel entitled, "Men at Arms : A Novel of Discworld". She had a lot of the Discworld titles in her listing. I don't know the series, so I cannot comment.
  • Sherie Poulson-Cook of Grand Island, New York received "Because it's Christmas" by Barry Manilow. I don't question the music quality...I just grant the wishes. :-)
  • Constance Brunner of NY, NY (Yes, there appears to be a lot of New Yorkers on the list...and even more east coasters. This wasn't intentional...purely the luck of the draw.) received a two quart stainless steel colander. I hope she enjoys the meals that are drained with it!
  • Ernest Bornheimer of San Diego, CA wished for and received the "Tremolo" CD by My Bloody Valentine. Sounds like interesting tunes. I hope he enjoys it. Oh, by the way, the search term was Ernest and hey, the West Coast is finally heard from!
  • Kitty Fitzsimmons of Warwick, NY wished for the "50 Below Zero" paperback. It was about that cold her today with the windchill factor. Again, how could I resist?!
  • Kid Peevey of Bryan Texas requested the "How to Draw Pokemon, How to Catch 'em All" book. I don't think that "Kid" is the real name of the person getting the package, in fact I think it was a grandmom surfing for her grandkids. Well, this ought to help flesh out the gifts for them!
  • Shizuka Gannon of Hayward, California wanted "Halloween ABC". Sure, Halloween is over, but Halloween is good all year long!
  • Cassandra Wallace of Huntington Beach, CA received the classic, "A Tale of Two Cities." It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Not much more needed than that!
  • Constance Dehais of Cumberland, Maine received the novel, "The Body in the Bog." I don't know the book nor the author, but ya gotta love a spooky title like that. It's probably about migrant workers in the cranberry bogs for all I know. :-)
That wraps up my Holiday Hooligans for this year. I hope all of the secret Santa gifts are received in good spirits. I can imagine the surprise and confusion that some recipients will probably go through, but hey, then they might realize that's it's not a BAD thing to be a Holiday Hooligan's "victim".