Monday, November 27, 2000

I posted this early last week, but it seems to have disappeared. Waaaaa... Now you're going to have the poorly written, shortened version -- sent me an email saying that they were going out of business. A sad day for me, it was. I liked their store. I bought gifts from them for two years running (that's saying a lot in terms of internet years.) Anyway, they have most of their items on 25-50% off now through December 1. Check it out if you need some plants, bulbs or gardening gifties.
So many big upstart e-commerce sites have died lately.,, and now They were doing decent business, but they couldn't overcome the debt of the advertising they had to shell out to become well known. Television ads, home mailed catalogs, banner ads, etc. Millions and millions and millions of dollars spent and for what? It's very sad. What happened to the days of starting a business and nurturing it, growing it slowly and THEN spending millions on advertising?
The web is an excellent place to start a small business. The costs are relatively square footage store overhead. No need for a full time staff to keep the doors open. Nope, ya just set up a site, have wares to sell and wait for the orders to trickle in. It's like starting a small business with a kiosk in a mall...then a store...then a chain of stores as word of mouth of good products *and* good customer service spreads. What happened to that idea? Is the world too greedy for that now? On some level, I hope that the failed businesses actually hurt the people who shelled out the hundreds of millions as investments into a huge easy-money venture idea. They were blindly greedy. Of course I could be wrong. heheheh