Tuesday, November 28, 2000

As of this afternoon, all of the prints that were requested with "proof of voting" received through yesterday have been sent out. Yay! Oh, and as an added treat, ya'll got an extra print... What more can ya ask for? ;-)

Monday, November 27, 2000

I posted this early last week, but it seems to have disappeared. Waaaaa... Now you're going to have the poorly written, shortened version -- Garden.com sent me an email saying that they were going out of business. A sad day for me, it was. I liked their store. I bought gifts from them for two years running (that's saying a lot in terms of internet years.) Anyway, they have most of their items on 25-50% off now through December 1. Check it out if you need some plants, bulbs or gardening gifties.
So many big upstart e-commerce sites have died lately. Furniture.com, Pets.com, and now Garden.com. They were doing decent business, but they couldn't overcome the debt of the advertising they had to shell out to become well known. Television ads, home mailed catalogs, banner ads, etc. Millions and millions and millions of dollars spent and for what? It's very sad. What happened to the days of starting a business and nurturing it, growing it slowly and THEN spending millions on advertising?
The web is an excellent place to start a small business. The costs are relatively low...no square footage store overhead. No need for a full time staff to keep the doors open. Nope, ya just set up a site, have wares to sell and wait for the orders to trickle in. It's like starting a small business with a kiosk in a mall...then a store...then a chain of stores as word of mouth of good products *and* good customer service spreads. What happened to that idea? Is the world too greedy for that now? On some level, I hope that the failed businesses actually hurt the people who shelled out the hundreds of millions as investments into a huge easy-money venture idea. They were blindly greedy. Of course I could be wrong. heheheh

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

2 second movie review - The Grinch -- If you're into seeing fat folk on the screen, this is the movie for you. All of Whoville is chubby. The film is cute, as expected, but not overwhelmingly engaging. I really enjoyed the first half of the movie but the second half just seemed to get a little Carrey-y. I'm not a huge Jim Carrey fan, so this is a problem for me. The Grinch make-up actually worked very well with Mr. Carrey's usual facial contortions. Overall, a generally fun movie. Don't have too high of expectations, you may get disappointed. B-.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

I just received an email entitled "Thought of the Day". I thought to myself, I've already had a few thoughts, how can this be the "Thought of the Day?" How do they know that there is just one thought to my day? Am I not thoughtful enough? If there is only one thought per day how can I possibly go on? Do I need to check my email before I can think? What happens if my email isn't working that day, will I be free from all negative *and* positive thought? Something to think about... thought I'd share. ;-)

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Do you use ICQ and AIM/AOL? and don't wanna have several chat applications running at once? I found a handy little tool yesterday that combines ICQ and AIM together with Jabber. Primarily, it seems the strength in this tool lies in its open code functionality. Firms can internally personalize Jabber for their needs, running their own chat server, for instance. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Thanks to those of you who have sent in your voting "proof" so far, your print is on its way.

Wednesday, November 08, 2000

The afternoon following the morning after. I, like so many of my fellow country men and women, went to bed right after Bush was declared a winner in the presidential election at about 1:30am. Yes, I should have learned my lesson early on in the evening when Florida's confirmation of being a Gore state was recinded. But, noooooo. I followed along, pouted and went to bed. I got a phone call from Justin this morning asking if I had heard the news. What news?? He said that Florida was no longer being counted as a Bush state. No way. How could that happen? Sure, my morning fuzziness was weighing heavily... Anyway, I learned that the votes were to close to call the state. Amazing! If those of you in Florida had wondered before...your vote does count. Only 1,784 votes between Bush and Gore. Amazing. Well, now we sit and wait...and wait. Who will win? Can we be assured that the votes are being counted in a non-corrupt way? What ever happened to the missing vote boxes in Fort Lauderdale? So many questions. Oh, and this one...it's fairly clear that Gore has one the popular vote. Should the Electoral College votes still be the way to elect a president? Information access and voting privileges are so much more available than when the Electoral college was instituted. Is it really the *right* way to elect someone? Michael Moore wrote today people should "Stop Bush's Theft of the People's Will". I agree, but it's one of those things that I don't think we should decide *after* the election. This should have been decided prior to votes being cast. Certainly if I were happily in the Bush camp, I would be agreeing to keep the electoral college no matter how many more popular votes my opponent had. I would just quietly suggest that it be changed *next time*. ;-) Well, since I'm not happily in Gov. Bush's camp, let's get rid of the electoral college NOW. heheheh. Fine, I suppose you can see right through my plea. :-)

So, now that there is no hugely decisive victory for either major party candidate, whoever is declared the winner will be claiming a very lukewarm victory. No landslides this time. No "mandate of the people". No "the people have spoken". Nope, it's a clear sign that the new president MUST listen to both sides carefully and do what is right for the country as a whole. A girl can dream, can't she?

Monday, November 06, 2000

Two minute movie reviews...again!
  • Bedazzled -- a cute movie. Brendan Frasier plays a dorkie guy who is befriended by the hot-hot devil aka Elizabeth Hurley. She grants him 7 wishes, yadda, yadda. Old story line, but this rendition of it is actually entertaining. It's not brain surgery...it's just cute. B-
  • Charlie's Angels -- A hot, hip, happenin', funny movie packed with action and good humor. The characterizations were very enjoyable and the action scenes are as hip as any male dominated action flick. I enjoyed it immensely. A huge leap above the TV-series. I'm sure there will be a sequel...Yay! A.
Have a great day!
Get out the vote!

I'm just trying to drum up some business for the voting booth tomorrow. (Sorry to those of you outside of the US...)

I have my preferences with regards to who I think you should vote for, but greater than that I think that everyone should vote. Now, I can't pick ya'll up and bring you to the polls, but what I can offer is this...

If you go to the polls tomorrow and vote and you get one of those silly "I voted" stickers, I want you to send it to me with a self addressed stamped envelope (standard size). If you do this, I will send a print of one of the Photos of the Week that was on display at the Stavanger Museum in Norway. Not a huge offering, but hey, I don't have that much to give. I'm not trying to buy a vote, I don't care who you vote for, but rather give you something aside from the future of your country as initiative. It's that easy. :-)

(If they don't hand out stickers at the voting booth, send some other proof of your actually being at the voting booth...photo, election judge signature, etc. )

KO? With this wacky idea in mind, send your stickers or other proof to:

Catherine Nordling
66 9th Street #1916
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Have fun at the polls!
Mike's Message 11/02/00 This is Michael Moore's open letter to Governor George Bush. Read it! :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2000

Check this out...it's a Shockwave video called "I want a fat babe" a spoof of the Backstreet Boy's "I want it that way". A wee bit of feederism thrown in for those who like that and an overall message about body image in the media being a bit skewed. Not only that, but it's entertaining and very well done. Enjoy!