Thursday, October 05, 2000

Well, it appears autumn is already over for Minnesota. Yes, it's about 2 months shorter than normal, but hey, that's the danger of living in this part of the US. The fall colors are peaking and what is in the weather forecast?? Snow. Snow. Snow. Not a lot of it expected here in the Twin Cities...just flurries, but in all seriousness, one flake of snow ends the pleasant autumnal season abruptly. All of a sudden it becomes winter. Throw white stuff in my face and it's suddenly winter. wonder I'm not married yet...all that rice getting tossed would send me into a lifetime of winter's darkness, coldness and isolation. hehhee. I'm sure some married women would attest to that happening. ;-)

On a different note entirely, I hope that some of you watched the first presidential debate. My Photo of the Week is regarding that debacle. For the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would claim that GWB won the debate. He looked like an ill-informed idiot. He didn't have his facts straight, couldn't speak on his feet and focused mainly on negative attacks. Not that Gore showed himself perfectly...he seemed too much like a commercial that kept playing over and over again, although his commercial was that of a positive push. He did, however, prove that he could talk extemporaneously, unlike Bush.

In today's world, the role of President seems to be more of a figurehead, but the difference between a pure figurehead and our President is that the President needs to make snap decisions at times. He needs to be quick enough to counter an argument sensibly among a host of other things. What I noticed the other night was that Bush is lagging in that key skill. I felt he was trying to score a sound byte rather than have a pure debate and he looked a tad like an impetuous child. I seriously feel that he was coached and coached as to what to say rather than it being a natural gift of leadership. Of course this is just my opinion and that opinion is open to change. I urge you all to make an *educated* VOTE! Al Gore's Web Site / George W. Bush's Web Site / Ralph Nader's Web Site / Harry Browne's Web site (libertarian)

And finally, What was up with the matching outfits? Did they hire the same clothing designer as an image consultant?