Sunday, October 08, 2000

Two, two, two, two two-second interviews in one post!
  • "Remember the Titans" - a thoughtful racism in America/football piece staring Denzel Washington. Denzel always place the strong stoic type and doesn't disappoint in this movie either while playing a freshly appointed head coach in a newly integrated high school in Virginia. Overall, a really good flick although I really wanted to off the little girl who loved football....there was far TOO much of her sprinkled throughout the film. She was cute the first couple of times, after that she was pure annoying. On a size acceptance note, there was a really fat kid on the team...and no fat jokes were in the film other than one that the kid made himself. Amazing! B.
  • "Meet the Parents" LOOOOVE this film. It's a very funny flick about a guy meeting the parents of his girlfriend for the first time....uhhh, hence the title. :-) Anyway, the lead character can do no right when he's at the family household...if anything can go wrong, or get misinterpreted, it does. Ben Stiller, as he often does, plays the good hearted soul just a little short on luck...and because of his portrayal, we are able to feel his torment as we look into his soulful eyes. This was one of those movies where I didn't want the film to end, but like a fine box of chocolates, it eventually does. I want to see it again! A.