Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Ok, a major body of work update is afoot...no maybe it's at hand? The nose knows. Word of mouth has it that this site is getting a leg up. Anyway, keep an eye on it.

Help! Save me from my puns!

I know I've mentioned earlier that I've been working on a project for my site...a collection of Snoopy photos. Yes, it's raining Cats 'n' Dogs at catay.com: http://www.catay.com/cat/snoopy/. I don't want to tell you how many hours of blood and sweat went into that page. Well, of course I do...toooo many! Tracking all the damn Snoopy photos...there are 101 Snoopys in the Snoopy parade. 101 thumbnails, 101 pages, 101 hit counters, etc, etc. It doesn't have any funny lines in it, but there are some funny pictures. I'd like to put some characteristic 'fat chick' phrases on 'em, but that would mean nearly 101 funny phrases and phrankly I'm not that funny. I suppose I could give it a shot.
You'll notice when you enter the page that it's all black, mouse around a bit to find all of the thumbnails. I hope you have a decent connection to the internet, but even with a relatively slow one, you ought to do *ok*. Anyway, enjoy!