Wednesday, October 11, 2000

I innocently stroll into the copy room at work today only to be confronted with this poster: "Weight Watchers Shows You the Way to Being a Winner". Huh...I thought I already was a winner. Oh, well, apparently being fat I'm already a guaranteed loser. Sure, there was a wee blurb on the poster about WW giving away some sort of prize money, but let's not kid ourselves...the main message was that if you're not WW thin, you're a loser. I expressed my concern over the poster with the HR department as well as my boss. They both started their reply emails by thanking me for expressing my feelings. hehehe. I felt like I just had a heart to heart relationship discussion with each of 'em when all I did was complain that the freakin' poster was in my face. hehehe. Anyway, I thought it best to complain rather than idly sit back and *take it* from the posted message. I think they'll be taken down, ...errr...I hope they will be.