Monday, September 18, 2000

Let me set the scene.... a crank out window that won't crank back in, a rainbow out my window on a warm yet windy morning, a dark and ominous cloud bank heading my way, and a kitty who *really* wanted to see what I was doing. I realized last night that my window wouldn't crank back in, (Yes, it's the cheapo lameo crank window on one side and a stationary window on the other side that is so common in these parts of the world in downtown highrises.) but I figured the weather would hold. Yesterday was a gorgeous day for Snoopy hunting (we got 31 more!!!) so I figured today would be the same. Not so. So long about 6:50 this morning, I look out my window and see the aforementioned scene. I take off the screen on the window as there is no way to touch the wayward window without taking the screen off. I start to pull the window in, and realize that the crank mechanism is no longer stuck, in fact it's pretty much just separated from the window itself. Fine, no biggie. While I'm trying to reattach the crank, (crank shaft? I know, sounds too engine-y. hehehe) I look down at the bottom of the casement and see a bunch of dead hornets. "Wow," I thought to myself, "Poor things must have been dead in there quite a while..." Doodly doo, I go about my business of trying to get the crank attached. A blust of wind and suddenly the hornets are ALIVE and DOING QUITE WELL, thank you. "Shit!" <--- actual quote. Screw the crank! Abandon ship, abandon ship! I quickly try to get the screen back on the window. Damn thing wouldn't get back on. I was holding it hoping the hornets wouldn't *see* me as the one disturbing their slumber. *phrew* I got the screen back in after about 5 attempts to get the spring mechanism correctly placed in the casement...and get the screen up and over the crank handle. So, there I sat, watching the hornets on my window. I turned the crank all the way to the 'closed' position, and the window closed with the wind. "Great" Now I had 5 angry hornets on the inside of the window and a screen that has a big enough lesion through which a clever hornet could certainly crawl. I stared at the little beasties quite a while...I'd open the window and let the wind close it again...I was hoping they'd get blown away, you see. My cat decides to taunt them a big by tapping the screen. They didn't seem to like that, but what they *really* didn't like was my Calgon body spray. hehehe. Yes, when the "Cat and hornet game" was getting a bit long in the tooth, I decided to use my weapon of choice (ok, ok, the nearest sprayable substance...). Not only will the alcohol in the spray annoy them, the frangrance will make them smell lovely! *spray* *spray* *spray* They were quite pissed off. I'd open the window...spray one of 'em and they'd BUZZZZZZ and get blown away by the wind. Success!
Have a great day! I'm off to that work thang....