Saturday, August 19, 2000

I took about half an hour tonight to stop in an AOL chat room. It gives me great reason to not chat there again. The room was filled with the "lowest common denominator" chat. Granted, AOL isn't meant to be the intellectual chat mecca of the world, but please, at least there can be chats that go beyond base, rude, insulting, almost-humor! There was a discussion about "aprons"...tummy aprons, not the cooking kind. It wasn't a frank discussion, no it was a bash session in a room called, "Cute Fat Chicks". The negative *jokes* came from both fat women *and* men. I'm sorry, but what I saw wasn't "cute"...the chicks in there were fat, but they definitely had nothing *cute* going for them...

I'm not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination, but it just makes me wonder why ignorance can be revered in such a chat room? I mean when I spoke back to these people about their rude behavior they stood, arm in arm, (figuratively, you understand) and defended quite proudly their ignorant behavior. I really don't understand that. I really, really don't.